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EIG Outage

May 1, 2014

The EIG outage that happened a couple weeks ago hopefully opened some eyes. Customers now see how EIG is run, focusing first on their bottom line, then their advertising, then their public image, then, last (and most certainly least), the quality of their service. 

The truth, as spoken by employees themselves on Glassdoor, is that EIG only cares about the money they are making. They don’t care about the service they provide so long as people keep signing up. This is why you see brands like iPage offer such low rates only to charge 4 times as much for renewals. To them, your hosting account is just another number.

It all comes back to web hosting reviews. These review websites are what steer customers to bad hosts. Why? Because they get paid a lot of money to do so. EIG pays web hosting review sites a lot of money in commissions, more than you can even imagine, for every sale they generate.

Now that they are a publicly traded company it’s even worse. They have stock holders to answer to regarding money, not service. They have to put the stockholders before their customers, which means worse service for you.


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