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Web Hosting Reviews are a Joke

March 10, 2014

Web hosting reviews are generally written for one reason and one reason only. To make money. Very rarely will you come across a web hosting review site that has honest reviews. The front page of Google is costly real estate, and web hosting companies pay good money to make sure they are on top of the rankings on many review sites. Unfortunately this means that the customer is left with a sub-par product.

There are certain things that can tip you off if you’re looking for fake web hosting reviews. I can tell you this from personal experience that if is the #1 website on any given review page then the reviews are fake. How do I know this? is owned by Endurance International Group, who also own 50+ other web hosting brands. They pay web hosting review websites like,, and a lot of money to have the top spots.

The thing that they don’t tell you, the customer, is that the majority of the brands listed in their top 10 are really all the same company. They are only marketed as individual companies in order to make it seem like you have more of a choice. For example, has iPage, JustHost, and HostGator listed as their top 3. Those are all the same company, so when you think you are picking between 3 companies you really are choosing the same one. has a top 5 list on the home page. All of the top 5 listed are owned by EIG, so again, you are hosting with the same company no matter which you choose.

EIG has the ability to pay hosting review website owners a lot of money to take over their rankings, and instead of providing you with actual reviews, the owners of those websites only write what you want to hear.


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