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Hosting review websites are scamming you

February 20, 2014

The vast majority of web hosting review sites are trying to scam you. They couldn’t care less how good a web hosting company is, all they care about is how much the company pays them to send sales. Most of the time the web hosting reviews are just written by the web hosting company themselves. The owners of the review websites get paid a lot of money to send sales, so they keep the companies who pay them the most on the top of their rankings.

Not only that, there is one company that owns over 50 web hosting brands that are all marketed as different companies. Endurance International Group owns many popular web hosts like,,, and many more. Plenty of unhappy customers transfer from one host to another not knowing that it’s really just the same hosting company. They have no incentive to keep you happy because they know the chances are high that you’ll just transfer to a different one of their brands.

Keep in mind that when you search for web hosting companies, most of the reviews are completely fake. They want to make the hosts that pay them the most sound great, and the ones who don’t sound bad. It’s all about money.


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