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Web hosting review websites

February 18, 2014

If there’s one thing I know, it’s web hosting reviews. Unfortunately, what I know is that review sites are designed to do one thing, get you to sign up for a web host that makes the owner a lot of money. You see, the biggest web hosting companies all have affiliate programs, and the biggest web hosting review websites are all affiliates. The web hosting company pays the review sites a lot of money for every referral they send. Obviously, the more money a web host can pay the more incentive the reviewer has to put them at the top of the list.

Take, for example. This website gets at least $200 for every referral they send to the top 5 hosts on the website. The reviews don’t mean a thing, they just want to make the hosts that pay them the most sound the best for obvious reasons. It’s also no surprise that the top 5 web hosts have no bad reviews on the first page, but the other web hosts have plenty of bad reviews which further draw you toward the top hosting companies. 

My goal is to try and offer some unique insight on web hosting companies and web hosting reviews. I hope that I can steer people away from using review websites that only try getting people to sign up, and instead try getting people informed on what the web hosts offer. 


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